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About Us

About Us

Since 1990, COSPT has provided Tallahassee and the surrounding areas with highly effective care for the management of orthopedic and vestibular-related conditions. COSPT’s clinical, evidence-based approach offers patients a reliable assessment and treatment process that rapidly resolves pain, improves overall function, and prevents recurrence. Our vestibular therapy approach is advancing the treatment of dizziness, disequilibrium (imbalance), and vertigo.

Additionally, COSPT serves as headquarters for the IMC Family of Companies—a group of advanced practice clinics with special credentialing in a highly effective musculoskeletal assessment and treatment program.


- KB -

This place is amazing! COSPT explains everything thoroughly, making sure I understand completely what steps we’re taking towards my recovery and what exercises I need to be doing. And the office staff is so friendly and caring. I highly recommend this place.


- CS -

Just can't get a more caring GROUP! The front office staff is so quick and helpful. The Physical Therapist I worked with, Kevin Jones, is so patient and has helped me immensely! Appointments are always on time - so they respect your schedule too. I would definitely recommend this group!


- JF -

COSPT was incredibly helpful in getting me back to my normal routine. They offer straightforward advice and tell me exactly what exercises to do to be successful.  I am very thankful I was referred to COSPT.

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Our Approach

COSPT takes a patient-centered approach to orthopedics that begins with a highly personalized, scientifically proven, Response-Based Assessment™ to determine whether your pain and loss of function are due to structural, mechanical, or chemical challenges.

All of our patients receive care from advanced musculoskeletal specialists. Each visit, patients will complete a series of quality-assured computerized assessments to track and monitor improvement. At the initial appointment, our clinicians will perform a noninvasive, functional assessment to determine the cause of your orthopedic challenges. Those who are a fit for COSPT’s Response-Based Care™ program will work with one of our specialists to resolve the pain and minimize its chance of reoccurrence. A small percentage of patients who come to our clinic require advanced care. For these patients, our specialists provide a rapid referral to our network of trusted physicians who can administer the appropriate treatment.

Our Approach
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