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Vestibular-Related Conditions

Double vision, blurred vision, vertigo, nausea, mood swings, and even difficulty concentrating, can all be symptomatic of vestibular dysfunction. Diagnosis for these issues is generally very expensive at a traditional physician’s office and most cases are deemed incurable, only manageable by prescription drugs.  At COSPT, however, we approach vestibular care differently.

We are able to diagnose vestibular issues more quickly, more accurately, and less expensively than at a traditional clinic.  The same way an optometrist can immediately diagnose a near or far sighted patient with nothing more than the alphabet, we can determine the state of your vestibular condition based on the way your body responds to simple commands and functional tests.

Using the body’s reflexive instincts, we work with each patient to retrain those functions that have been disrupted by injury or infection- no gown change, no protective lead cover, no computers or expensive, unnecessary equipment. We have a markedly higher rehabilitation rate for vestibular dysfunction than the industry standard, and our patients report lower reoccurrence rates than the national average.  Effective and affordable vestibular care is possible with COSPT.

Vestibular Conditions Overview

Vestibular Condition Facts

The Vestibular system helps you maintain your balance and several other functions

With the majority of patients it can be determined if we can help with dizziness and/or loss of balance within 1-2 visits

Problems with your Vestibular system may cause dizziness or loss of balance

Treatment is exercise based and does not require any invasive treatment.

Patients suffering from ADHD and Parkinsonism benefit from Vestibular Rehabilitation

Treatment typically requires fewer than 6 visits with the majority of the work being done by the patient on a home program basis

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