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The Center for Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy (COSPT) offers a different approach to musculoskeletal condition management—one that results in a better match between the diagnosis and treatment plan. The COSPT approach to physical therapy, sports medicine rehabilitation, and vestibular therapy assessment is scientifically proven to be more reliable and valid than costly diagnostic procedures like MRIs, CTs, EMGs, and NCVs.

COSPT Physical Therapists hold JointStrong® (JS)Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), and/or Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) certifications and have higher education degrees within the specialty of musculoskeletal health (BPT|MPT|DPT).


At COSPT, we do not rely on costly advanced imaging or unnecessary clinical visits. During your initial assessment, a COSPT clinician will rapidly diagnose your condition and determine the best care pathway toward recovery through self-care, conservative care, or specialty care.


For 30 years, COSPT has established itself as the leader in orthopedic and sports physical therapy and has successfully resolved 92% of qualified musculoskeletal cases through self-care or conservative care pathways within the first three clinical visits. More than 45% of musculoskeletal patients have failed previous care with another provider due to misdiagnosis or an incorrect care pathway selection. Chances are, COSPT is able to help you, even where others have failed.

What We Can Do For You
Back | Neck | Hip
Knee | Ankle | Other Joint

Rapid diagnoses & treatment of your condition without the need for costly and often unnecessary advanced imaging or surgical procedures assisting you toward recovery within your first three clinical visits.

Dizziness | Vertigo
Balance Issues | ADHD

Quickly and accurately diagnose the state of your vestibular condition based on the way your body responds to simple commands and functional tests assisting you in recovery.

Pain | Loss of Function

A friendly, one-on-one environment where the residual deficits related to suffering a stroke can be analyzed to recommend and follow the proper rehabilitation processes. 

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Every patient receives the education and guidance necessary to maintain their musculoskeletal health and prevent future recurrence month after month following treatment at COSPT.

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Within three visits, a COSPT clinician will help you regain range of motion and sustain improvements without unnecessary and costly surgical procedures, medication, or advanced imaging, resulting in the freedom you deserve.

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A COSPT clinician will carefully evaluate your symptoms and develop an individualized treatment plan and education for your condition to ensure you feel better in just one to three visits.

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